Welcome to Dominican Home Health Agency

Our mission is to provide quality nursing care and related services to the sick in their own homes. We give priority to the poor, foster the integrity of family life and assist the elderly and chronically ill to stay at home. We provide these services without regard to the origin, creed or other status of the individual.

Our Impact

  • The In-Home Nursing Program helps older adults on a limited income to remain safely in their homes. In 2020, Dominican Home Health Agency provided 7,731 patient care visits to 171 patients.

  • Wellness Clinics at low-income senior housing sites offer prevention and early intervention nursing services all of which support and empower older adults to be accountable for their health. In 2020, Dominican Home Health Agency served 324 at-risk older adults in low-income housing with 601 visits.

  • The Durable Medical Equipment Program provides a wide range of adaptive equipment such as wheelchairs and walkers, etc. enhancing mobility and stability for our patients and others in the community with limited resources. In 2020, Dominican Home Health Agency loaned 1,140 pieces of adaptive equipment to 892 people.