Endorsements and Testimonials

Robin Yasui, MD, the Director of Geriatrics at Denver Health, wrote the following in appreciation of DHHA.

To the Dominican Home Health Agency:

DHHA is superb, conscientious and provides outstanding care. I have great appreciation and confidence that this is as high-quality, home-health care as can be found in Denver!  You are so appreciated by Denver Health Geriatrics.

-Dr. Robin Yasui, M.D.


Bo Partyka, Service Coordinator for Denver Metro Village Senior Community praises DHHA.

To the Dominican Home Health Agency:

Our partnership with Dominican Home Health Agency Wellness Clinics for the last several years has proven to be an invaluable resource for the seniors of Denver Metro Village. Without the visiting nurses, many of our seniors would not have access to free monthly preventative services. We deeply appreciate the care and concern that Dominican Sisters provide to our community and we are looking forward to partnership with this agency for many years to come.

Bo Partyka


Steve Blackstock, Service Coordinator/Community Builder for Seniors, sent Mary J. our Wellness Clinics Head nurse the following email.

Subject: Wellness Clinic at Fletcher


I just want to reach out and let you know how grateful I am that your organization comes to Fletcher to do wellness checkups for our residents. You provide such a necessary and important service!

Also, I really appreciate you faxing over the sign in sheet. That not only helps me keep track of folks who are using your service but also lets me know who isn’t, which means people I might need to keep an extra eye on.

You’re the best!

Steve Blackstock, MSW


Liz Berling, LCSW, Westside Clinic Social Worker at Denver Health wrote a note to Dan Grey.

Hi Dan,

Words really cannot express how grateful I am as a social worker for the services that Dominican Home Health provides to our patients. We often have patients who have high home-health needs and Dominican provides services regardless of insurance status. Our patients love their staff and we are so thankful to have them as a resource for our hard-to-serve patients. Thank you!

Liz Berling