What We Do




For 97 years DHHA has served the poor, sick elderly in the Denver area.  Our three major thrusts include In-Home Care, loans of Durable Medical Equipment (DME) and Wellness Clinics.



In-Home Care

This morning we received a call from a woman desperate for help.  Her insurance company was a dead end; she was confined to a wheelchair, living alone, and pleading for a solution other than a nursing home. Fortunately for her, Dominican Home Health Agency is the only home health agency in the U.S. that provides its services regardless of the ability to pay.


Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

Today is a busy day at DHHA, loaning out wheelchairs and walkers and whatever Durable Medical Equipment people need for the unforeseen crises they face. The loan is free for everyone, supported only by equipment and financial angels.


Wellness Clinics

People living in poverty have direct access to these holistic clinics where they live.  With loving hearts and a smile, our nurses and volunteers melt their worries and help them resolve their physical and psychosocial problems.  We provide service to who needs it most when it matters most -- without charge.